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Kitchen items and decor are available in this Sharon Shaw Estate Sale. Many other items also available.

Your Questions Answered

What is an estate sale?

An Estate Sale is the liquidation of the contents of a house. It is a sale held inside the house. An Estate Sale usually occurs when a family member has passed, and the family does not wish to keep everything that is inside the house. Or, an Estate Sale sometimes occurs when a member of the family has moved, or is planning to move, to a retirement center, a smaller home, etc.

Why should I choose Sharon Shaw Estate Sales to conduct my estate sale?

There are many individuals and companies that can set up and conduct estate sales. Who conducts your sale is certainly your choice. Sharon Shaw Estate Sales, however, is known as one of the foremost estate sale businesses in the Dallas,Texas, area. Our clients know us as honest, easy to work with, and sensitive to the needs of their families. We work hard to see that our clients' Estate Sales are conducted in a professional manner. We have twenty five years experience in the antique/collectible and Estate Sales business, as well as experience in the field of marketing and sales. This background of experience and knowledge allows us to effectively market your family's estate items.

Can I conduct the estate sale myself?

You can, of course conduct your own Estate Sale. But, do you truly know the market value of all the items in your house? Sharon Shaw Estate Sales does and we can help you realize the most income from your Estate Sale. For example, you many not realize that objects in your estate have collectible and/or antique value. You stand to realize more income from your Estate Sale if you rely on Sharon Shaw Estate Sales to identify and value not only your collectibles and/or antique items, but also your everyday household items. We know the market. In addition, the task of effectively setting up and conducting a sale can be overwhelming. Sharon Shaw Estate Sales can take care of all the details for you.

Do I need to clean the house before the estate sale?

No, all you need do is to decide what you want to keep, remove those items from the house, or designate them as not for sale. Sharon Shaw Estate Sales will take care of everything else. Remember: DO NOT THROW AWAY ANYTHING! If you are not sure whether certain items are sellable, or even if you think they are trash, leave them. If they are truly trash, we will dispose of them for you.

Is my house large enough for an Estate Sale?

Sharon Shaw Estate Sales offers free consultation and evaluation. You are under no obligation for us to look at your house and its contents, but if we do, we will explain to you our procedures and answer any questions you might have about how we could conduct your Estate Sale. We can offer suggestions, based on our years of experience, about how to best maximize the space in your house for an Estate Sale.

What about items in the garage and/or storage shed? Will you sell them as well?

Sharon Shaw Estate Sales will clean out the garage and/or storage shed and include the contents in the estate sale! We make it easy for you.

When should I call you regarding a possible Estate Sale?

Please feel free to call Sharon Shaw Estate Sales any time you are thinking about an Estate Sale. We will come to your house, visit with you and/or your family members, and discuss your circumstances and timeline for an Estate Sale. We will work with you to determine the best dates for your Estate Sale based on your needs and timeline.

Can I have an Estate Sale without antiques and/or collectibles?

Sharon Shaw Estate Sales considers the entire contents of your household. We do not limit an Estate Sale to only antiques or other valued items in your house. We realize that everything must be sold and we know the markets for all the everyday items in your house. We do not dispose of anything unless it is damaged beyond repair. Almost everything in your house has value and Sharon Shaw Estate Sales will work to realize that value for you!

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"Sharon Shaw can work miracles: I was amazed at the order created out of one very crammed house. Not only very professional, she also offers sympathy during some very difficult times. My husband and I both wholeheartedly recommend her and her staff."

   —Mary-Helen Sullivan

Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for your excellent management of the estate sale. It is a wonderful gift to my mother to have this process completed and so many of her books and treasures in happy hands. I wish you happy holidays and a peaceful new year.



"Sharon Shaw and her team went well beyond our hopes and expectations of excellence, care, honesty, clear communication and courtesy. Her website is not an exaggeration. A+ in every detail of the sale!"

    —Bill and Ginny

"Excellent service, polite and easy to work with plus great results!"

     —John and Lynn

"Experienced, professional team, very considerate of the family as well as their customers."


"Sharon Shaw Estate Sales handled everything so well. That really helped my family get through the difficult task of liquidating my father's estate."

     —Pam and Kathy

"We never knew we had so much of value in our estate. Sharon Shaw Estate Sales went through our house, garage, out buildings, and attic identifying many items that brought good returns when sold. We never would have known what anything was worth, or how to realize such a fine return. Sharon Shaw Estate Sales did. Thank you!"

     —George and Barbara

"Sharon Shaw Estate Sales did all the work. It was easy! They were professional and considerate. A pleasure to work with!"


"The people of Sharon Shaw Estate Sales are polite and professional. They respected our home and our privacy, and got the job done to our satisfaction. We give them our highest recommendation!"

     —Nancy and McLeod

"It's such a pleasure to work with a company that really delivers customer service. Sharon Shaw Estate Sales exceeded each of their promises and made a difficult time for me so much easier."